Course Reports

Written by our Oxbridge tutors, and edited by our senior consultants, our Course Research Reports include over twenty year’s research, first-hand experience and up-to-date advice to give you subject-specific guidance to help you to prepare and maximise your chances of success.

To make a strong application, you need to spend time researching and thinking about what you want to study and why. Our Course Research Reports help you to assess the skills and talents required for a successful application to read your course and how to best prepare, and will be sent to you via email upon purchase.

Interviews often include questions such as Why did you choose this course? and What would you enjoy about this course? It is important to remember that interviews are conducted by admissions tutors and professors who have dedicated their lives to the subject, and want to see that you are motivated and inspired by your chosen course.

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Each Course Report includes…

Real interview questions.

Working through past questions can help you to understand what admissions tutors are looking for in a successful applicant for your course. For newer courses such as PBS and HSPS, questions are taken from similar courses on offer at Oxbridge.

Course in detail.

A detailed breakdown describing the structure and format of the material and subjects covered in each year of the course.

Case study.

A successful applicant case-study and opinions from a current or former student of the course. This gives you a first-hand taster of what the course involves.

Course-specific reading recommendations.

Compiled by our Oxbridge-graduate tutors, our reports include course-specific reading suggestions to encourage you to explore your subject in greater depth and independently, away the school syllabus.



We survey over 1000 applicants from the most recent application cycle every year, as well as collecting data from Oxford and Cambridge themselves through  the Freedom of Information Act and clarifying and condensing the masses of data they release each year. 

Along with the enormous combined experience of our 2,400 Oxford and Cambridge-graduate tutors, and the team of former Oxbridge admissions tutors who work with us, we are able to be as up-to-date and informed as possible, and disseminate all this information, both in our tutor-training and in our resources.


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