What is the MAT?

The Maths Admissions Test is a  2½ hour paper that applicants for Mathematics, Mathematics & Computer Science, Mathematics & Philosophy, Mathematics & Statistics, Computer Science & Philosophy, and Computer Science at Oxford.

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MAT Mock Tests & Answer Packs

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We have two MAT practice papers. Written by our expert consultants, our practice papers replicate the style, format and timing of the real examinations, giving you the chance to practise your approach to the test as well as the skills required.

Each practice paper includes a set of model answers with detailed commentary on how to crack individual questions.

What Does The MAT Involve?


The MAT is a 2½ hour test. The mathematical knowledge and techniques required to do the questions are taken from a syllabus roughly corresponding to the C1 and C2 modules from A-level Maths.

What is the reflection of the point (3,4) in the line 3x+ 4y = 50?

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