What is the Cambridge Law Test?

The Cambridge Law Test is a one-hour paper that applicants for Law at all bar a handful of Cambridge colleges must sit during the interview period.


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We have three Cambridge Law Test practice papers. Written by our expert consultants, our practice papers replicate the style, format and timing of the real examinations, giving you the chance to practise your approach to the test as well as the skills required.

Each practice paper includes a set of model answers with detailed commentary on how to crack individual questions.

Our practice papers are different from those provided at our one-day Admissions Test Seminars, giving you further opportunities to prepare in your own home and well in advance of the real examinations. Please note that if you have attended one of our in-school courses, then you may have already have sat mock test I. If you are unsure whether you have already sat one of our tests at an in-school course, give us a ring on +44 (0)207 499 2394. 

Purchasing Your Mock Tests

Two papers can be purchased online here.

The other paper is used on our Admissions Test Seminar courses, where it will be marked by a test expert. 

If you cannot attend an Admissions Test Seminar but would like to buy all three papers, simply give us a call: 

+44 (0)207 499 2394


You will be given a choice of three types of question. You will be given one hour to answer one essay question.

All criminal penalties should be fixed by statute. The exercise of discretion in sentencing requires an exercise of moral judgment by the judge, and judges in a modern democracy should not be allowed to exercise moral authority over their fellow citizens.

How far do you agree? Give reasons for your answer.

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