If you are applying to Oxford or Cambridge, there are many somewhat daunting questions you may be asking yourself. Do I have the right grades to get into Oxford? Or, I think I want to go to Cambridge – but how do I pick a Cambridge college? Do I need to sit an admissions test? And finally – what exactly will happen in my Oxford or Cambridge interview?

‘So You Want To Go To Oxbridge? Tell me about a banana…’ provides you with up-to-date information, interview questions, answers and advice to help you answer all these questions and more. Analysing each stage of the application process, from writing a personal statement for Oxford and Cambridge to receiving an offer letter, Oxbridge-graduates give you research-led insights into the often mystifying admissions process. This book is a great starting point for considering your application as a whole, and the steps you will need to take in the coming months to put forward a really strong application.

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