Modern GPS satelliteConcerning UK university admissions, UCAS have released some interesting stats. They show university applications are soaring, but also, crucially, provide numbers backing up what we’ve all been observing – that competition for UK universities is no longer just about the UK, and in a big way. Applications through UCAS from EU students increased from 46,800 in 2014 to 53,600 in 2016. Whilst applications from non-EU students have dropped slightly in 2016  for the first time in five years, UCAS still saw 74,300 apply. As our Managing Director recently commented on the subject: ‘Woaaahhh’.

A few years ago, well before these stats were released, OA was already looking into the impact this has, for Home and International applicants alike, in a piece published in The Huffington Post. Ever more relevant, have a read of it here… 


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