RESEARCH. Word cloud concept illustration.When making an application, you must be careful about using stats in the right way. To approach an application to Oxbridge from a tactical point of view feels very cynical. By trying to play the numbers, you could undermine your real potential – for example, you may well be able enough to succeed in your first choice and spoil your chances by choosing your course based on a stat.

However, it is our belief that being aware of the statistics can only be beneficial. The press surrounding these symbolic institutions can often lead to unrepresentative ideas of Oxbridge filtering through to you. Too many stereotypes are bandied around and every year this puts talented applicants off. Stats can give you a more real picture of what the universities are like.

This resource takes you through:

1) Some of the numbers worth looking at

2) How you can use the numbers in a smart way, to help your application, rather than hinder it…


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