College at CambridgeIn order to have a chance of a place, even the brightest Oxbridge applicants need the skills to be able to demonstrate their full academic potential. Admissions Tutors are looking for evidence of an interesting and curious mind that can adapt to meet new academic challenges.

To prepare students for this, Oxbridge Applications draws upon extensive experience and research to offer a tailored support programme and specialised courses that will help you maximise your chances of winning a place. Our tutoring for Oxbridge interviews is designed to help students develop the confidence needed to demonstrate their abilities – by immersing them in the challenges they will face as part of the application.


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What is the first step?

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Most students choose to begin their application by having a one-hour Private Consultation with us. Every applicant is different, and each requires personal attention to identify their strengths and areas for improvement – taking into account which Oxbridge college and degree is most suitable for them.

Talking through your application with one of our Senior Consultants is the most effective way to find the best approach. They will conduct a short mock interview to gauge your strengths, answer any of your questions, advise on how to prepare for Oxbridge interviews and Admissions Tests (such as the TSA, ELAT, HAT, PAT, LNAT, BMAT and Cambridge Law Test), and recommend a programme of action that will maximise your chance of success.

If you represent a school, you can visit our Schools page to learn about our Oxbridge Preparation Day events.

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You can also make significant strides with your application by using our Free Resources. All you need to do is Register in order to access a wealth of free help with applying to Oxford, Cambridge, or medical and law schools. These include:

  • Course and College guides
  • Successful Oxbridge personal statements, annotated to show strengths and weaknesses
  • Mini-mock Admissions Tests
  • Subject-specific reading lists
  • Past interview questions

You can also download our ebook: So You Want To Go To Oxbridge? Tell me about a banana… which is packed full with up-to-date information, statistics and practical guidance for every stage of the application.