If you are considering applying to Oxford or Cambridge, a Private Consultation with an Oxbridge admissions expert is the best possible way to build a bespoke plan for preparation that will help you maximise your chances of winning a place. Book your consultation by contacting our consultants on: 

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Potential applicants to Oxbridge should ask themselves the following questions as early as possible:

1) Am I of an academic standard that is high enough to be successful in an Oxbridge application?

2) What can I do to prepare, so that I show myself to be an outstanding candidate at each stage of the application process?

Private Consultations offer candidates and their families the opportunity to gain research-led answers to these questions. Run by an Oxbridge-graduate admissions expert, a Private Consultation begins with a subject-specific mock interview to assess the candidate’s current strengths and areas for improvement. Following this, candidates receive full feedback, all of the information they need to prepare themselves for the application steps ahead, and a bespoke strategy for preparation.

common areas covered in a private consultation

When a student decides that they want to apply to Oxford or Cambridge, they immediately encounter a range of questions. A Private Consultation is an opportunity to get expert, detailed answers based on our 19 years of research to questions like these:


  • Which university should I apply to? How should I choose between Oxford and Cambridge?
  • How do I compare to others in my position? Am I as good as other students applying?
  • Which specific degree would suit me? How would different course choices affect my chances of success? 
  • What’s the difference between the colleges? Do I stand a better chance at some rather than others?
  • How can I prepare myself properly for the interviews? What will I be asked – and why?
  • How can I draft a UCAS form and Personal Statement that appeals to Oxford or Cambridge Admissions Tutors?
  • How can I prepare for the TSA, ELAT, HAT, PAT, LNAT, Cambridge Law Test, BMAT exam, or any of the other admissions tests they might throw my way?


Applying to Cambridge or Oxford is a more complicated process than many other UK universities, with the additional challenges of interviews and admissions tests. Understanding how to improve your chances of getting into Oxbridge requires both a thorough understanding of the admissions process, and a strategy for preparation that will help you put your best foot forward at every stage.

Structure of a consultation

pctableA Private Consultation is divided into three key sections:

  • Subject-specific mock interview. In a one-to-one interview environment, we will assess a student’s communication, subject-knowledge and potential to study their subject at university using real past interview questions.
  • Parent consultation. Following the mock interview, we will ask the student to leave the session in order to discuss their performance with the family. This is also a chance to ask questions you may have about any aspect of the application process.
  • Evaluation and next steps. As a group, we will discuss a strategy for developing the student’s skills in each area of the application process.

For the extra admissions test support option, then the Private Consultation will also include:

  • A shorter, concentrated version of the Admissions Test you will need to take at, or before, interview. You will also be able to go over the test with your consultant, and receive invaluable feedback before proceeding with the rest of the session.


The one-hour session begins with a twenty-minute, subject-specific mock interview with the candidate.

Parent(s) then speak to our Oxbridge consultants alone for twenty minutes to discuss any specific queries or concerns.

In the final twenty minutes, we bring the candidate and their family together for full feedback, to give expert answers to all remaining questions, and provide a bespoke preparation strategy for each stage of the application.

The Young Person’s Consultation (13-16yrs)

For those families with students who may be considering Oxbridge in the future or simply want further information on what the process involves. We will outline the full application chronology, all of the milestones and weighted components that each subject requires and tailor our GCSE and A-level/Pre-U/IB subject advice accordingly to the student.

Admissions Test Focus

This consultation follows the same structure as our traditional consultation, but with supplementary feedback on a shorter, concentrated version of an Admissions Test.

Candidates must specify which Admissions Test they need for their consultation.

An Admissions Test Private Consultation session is 30 minutes longer, to enable candidates to sit the test and receive feedback from our consultants.

Following the consultation, candidates may be invited to join our most bespoke and comprehensive programme of support, the Premier Service.


Find out more about the ways in which we can offer support to students here.

Book a consultation

Private Consultations cost £295 and can take place in our central London offices or over Skype.

For the Private Consultation with Admissions Test support, which we highly recommend, there is a supplementary charge of £55 (£350). Simply inform the consultant booking your appointment if you would like the Admissions Test option.


All bookings are taken over the phone with a consultant. There is a list of appointments below, but if these do not suit your schedule, we will endeavour to accommodate you at another time.  These sessions are most suitable for students over 15 who are achieving highly in school exams.

+44 (0)207 499 2394



Private Consultations take place throughout the year and are most appropriate for students over the age of 15. We strongly encourage parent(s) or guardian(s) to be involved as well. Family involvement tends to have a substantial impact on the application which we find to be positive. Our current availability is as follows:

1st - Limited Availability2nd - Limited Availability3rd - Limited Availability4th - Limited Availability5th - Limited Availability6th - Limited Availability
8th - Limited Availability9th - Limited Availability10th - Good Availability11th - Good Availability12th - Good Availability13th - Good Availability
15th - Good Availability16th - Good Availability17th - Good Availability18th - Good Availability19th - Limited Availability20th - Good Availability
22nd - Good Availability23rd - Good Availability24th - Good Availability25th - Good Availability26th - Good Availability27th - Good Availability

Book an appointment now by calling +44 (0)207 499 2394, or emailing info@oxbridgeapplications.com. All bookings must be confirmed over the phone.

Private Consultation Testimonials

  • We were both impressed with… the guidance [you were] able to offer. Your organisation is highly professional and personal; no wonder you lead the market.

    Parent following a consultation, 2018

  • ‘We thought the consultation was super-helpful for us and we’ve spoken to a number of friends already – it’s totally worth it. I couldn’t have found a better place to land. You have my full endorsement. ‘

    Parent following a consultation, 2018

  • I thought it was a most impressive session which [my son] got a lot from. Very much worth every penny. Thank you.

    Parent following a consultation, 2017

  • Thank you also for all your brilliant help, it made the whole process far less daunting.

    Student following a consultation, 2017

  • Many thanks for your time on Saturday and for the detailed feedback. All of us found the session highly informative and useful. You provided invaluable information and advice to [my daughter] which I know she has already started to take on board.

    Parent following a consultation, 2016

  • Thank you for all this information, we are finding it very helpful indeed . . . the consultation and swift feedback has been invaluable in seeing where [my son] is currently at and what he needs to focus on improving. He has a lot to do but it is great now to have a clear vision of what they will be looking for. 

    Parent following a consultation, 2015

  • I am delighted to have met you: you are indeed an inspiration to the youngsters whom you mentor . . . my experience with Oxbridge Applications has always been very good, and I’m confident that the coming year will be exactly the same.

    Parent following a consultation, 2014

  • Thank you for the professional and positive session with [my son] last night. He went home very motivated and inspired.

    Parent of a successful Oxford applicant, 2014

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