The interviews for Oxford and Cambridge are the most important part of your application. Our Skype™ Mock Interview Package helps you to prepare for the interviews by giving students the chance to experience four one-hour, subject-specific, formal mock interviews with four different Oxbridge-graduate interviewers. This experience helps students develop clarity and coherence in structuring their answers, and alerts them to academic areas on which to build.

Crucially, it helps students have a taste of what the interview is really like: our interviewers have access to hundreds of questions asked in real Oxbridge interviews, gathered through our extensive annual research, and have all experienced the Oxbridge interviews themselves.


To book your Skype Mock Interview Package, please contact our consultants on +44 (0)207 499 2394 or email

  • Once purchased, a consultant will contact you within three working days to set up your Skype™ package.
  • You will receive the contact details of your four expert tutors, following which, you will be able to schedule the timing of your mock interviews directly with them. Our consultants will be on hand if you need help or guidance

What applicants receive with the Skype Mock Interview Package

4 subject-specific mock Oxbridge interviews via Skype

With 4 different, trained Oxbridge-graduate mock interviewers

1hr per interview – 30-35 minute interview, followed by detailed verbal & subsequently written feedback.

Interviews conducted via Skype™ according to your schedule and convenience

Assessment criteria based on our research: academic potential, communication skills & knowledge

Interviews based on our unparalleled annual research into the real interviews ensuring as realistic an experience as possible

Electrons-button-for-oxbridge-skype-interviews-taster-sessionExample Package 1:

Angeline is applying for Medicine at Cambridge. She has two and a half weeks between now and her interview and spreads her sessions out across this time. Here’s an example of the kinds of interviewers we might set her up with.

  • Interview One: with James, currently studying in his sixth year of Medicine, having finished his pre-clinical work at Cambridge. He interviews her in the kind of content that he encountered in his first year studying pre-clinical Medicine at Cambridge.
  • Interview Two: with Mo, who studied Biomedical Sciences at Oxford and interviews Angeline using a combination of real interview questions asked in Oxford and Cambridge Medicine interviews, but also testing her application of her biological knowledge to these questions.
  • Interview Three: with Aanya, who graduated in Medicine at Cambridge and is now studying for a PHD in Neuroscience.  Aanya tests Angeline’s response to unseen material, seeing how she responds to information she has never before encountered.
  • Interview Four: with Caleb, who graduated in Philosophy from Cambridge and interviews Angeline on medical ethics, and the relevance and value of the NHS.

Flags-buttonsExample Package 2:

Isaac is applying for Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at Oxford. He has five days before his interviews and so does all four at the weekend. Here’s an example of the kinds of interviewers we might set him up with.

  • Interview One: with Zain, who graduated in PPE from Oxford a year ago and now works at a major London strategy consultancy firm. Zain focuses on three difficult problems with Isaac, testing his understanding of Game Theory and helping him learn to cope with unseen material.
  • Interview Two: with Alison, who is a graduate in Maths and Philosophy from Oxford and tests Isaac’s mathematical ability. The Oxford PPE course is highly mathematical, and a high level in Maths ability is an important part of the interview process.
  • Interview Three: with Ben, who graduated in History and Politics at Oxford and is currently working for an MP. Ben interviews Isaac on his wider reading and understanding of advanced tests he’s come across in his pursuit of Politics beyond his IB syllabus.
  • Interview Four: with Nabil, who graduated in PPE at Oxford and tutors full-time. Nabil builds on past Oxbridge interview questions, testing Isaac’s ability to relate them to his studies, as well as discussing Isaac’s response to events in UK news. 

This package can only take place over Skype. If you are looking for face-to-face mock interviews, please attend one of our Interview Preparation Courses or contact our consultants for alternatives.

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