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You can make significant strides with your application with the aid of our free resources and free e-book, So You Want To Go To Oxbridge? Tell me about a bananawhich is packed full of advice and guidance.

Those looking for more comprehensive support, can build a bespoke preparation plan for preparation with one of our admissions experts, that will help you maximise your chances of winning a place, in a Private Consultation. Those looking for support on a specific area of the application process can book a place on one of our events, or join our complete support programme, The Premier Service.  We also offer an Access Programmeopen to all students who attend a state or non-fee paying school.

Personal Statement:

There is no set ‘formula’ for writing a personal statement, in fact, the ‘perfect’ statement doesn’t exist. As it says in the name, a personal statement should be ‘personal’ and needs to come from you. Your statement should show why you want to study the specific courses that you have applied to at all five universities (not just Oxford or Cambridge), and reflect your academic self, interests, motivations and potential. We always advise that, in addition to any support that we can offer, you also ask the opinion of two or three third parties, such as your teachers or parents. 

Our Premier Service includes, a face-to-face personal statement discussion session with a mentor and a review with a former Admissions Tutor.

As part of our Access Programme, for those that apply and are awarded a place, we provide initial advice on drafting a Personal Statement with a consultant, telephone and email support to provide advice and suggest improvements, and feedback and proof-reading of the final draft.

For those that register on our site, we offer a whole raft of free personal statement resources, including: a guide on how to start out, writing action plans, hints and tips on structure, and subject specific tools and examples. 


Admissions Tests:

With Admissions Tests the key to success is personal practise. The more familiar you are with the types of questions asked and the timings of the exam, the better you will perform. It is also important, however, to be prepared for the unexpected should an usual source or question be asked. 

Our Admissions Test Courses are designed to help you to perform at your best in these tests, and include test strategy and test technique tutorials, along with a mock Admissions Test (unique to Oxbridge Applications) sat under exam conditions.

Those that join our Premier Scheme will receive one-to-one tutorials with our test experts, have full access to our mock tests, and receive an invite to one of our Admissions Test Day Courses.

Access Programme students that need to sit an Admissions Test, can also take a free place at one of our Admissions Test Courses, and will receive two practice papers with answers for their test.

If you register on our site, we provide a large array of free admissions test resourcesincluding: a breakdown of which test is required for which course, test specific guidance, mini mock papers (with answers), factfiles, and details on what makes a good score.


When Admissions Tutors interview applicants they are ultimately looking for someone that they would enjoy teaching for the next three/four years. They will be likely to offer places to those speak eloquently and articulately about their subject, and can work through a challenging problem or source. The best way to prepare is to read around your subject, practise questions and to work on your communication.

If you join our Premier Service, you will prepare for interview by developing your subject-knowledge, communication, and academic strength with an Oxbridge-graduate mentor. Confidence and essential communication skills will be built by attending sessions with a communications specialist.  Further mock interview practice will be available on both our Interview Preparation Days and Oxbridge Preparation Weekend.

If you do not want the complete preparation of our Premier Service, we also offer places on both our Interview Preparation Days and Oxbridge Preparation Weekend for purchase independently.

Those that qualify for a place on our Access Programme, will receive a free place at one of our Interview Preparation Days.

We offer a wide selection of free personal statement resources for those that register on our site, including: a breakdown of how the interview period works, help on how to prepare, and past interview questions.