Support for the TSA Cambridge

Our TSA Cambridge support is designed to build up confidence and improve technique, in preparation for the 1 hour 30 minute pre-admissions test. Our support is designed to help you strengthen your mathematical and quick logical thinking skills. We can support you in two ways; through our TSA Cambridge seminar and with two available practice papers.

Our TSA Cambridge Seminar


Our TSA Cambridge Seminar is designed to teach you the technical skills and strategic approaches necessary to excel in the TSA Cambridge - and then give you the chance to put these skills into practice. As part of the day, you will also sit a practice paper, to time and in examination conditions. This will be marked and returned, together with a second marked exclusive paper that you will bring to the day, within 10 days of the Seminar.

The Programme

Our expert consultant focuses on logic, verbal and numerical reasoning and all the skills that are tested in the TSA Cambridge, in order to help you devise your own strategy for tackling each.

You will be sent an exclusively written mock TSA Cambridge Test Paper to sit before he day, which will be returned to you marked and with feedback within 10 working days of the Seminar.

As part of the day, you'll also sit a practice paper, to time and in examination conditions. This will be marked and returned to you within ten days of the Seminar.

The Seminar will be held on Saturday the 18th October, and will run from 10.30-17.30, with time for lunch and short breaks scheduled throughout.

Session 1 - 11.00-12.30


Problem-solving multiple choice questions

You are taught how to identify types of questions and the techniques needed to answer them, ensuring you can respond to problem-solving questions logically and effectively.


Session 2 - 12.45-14.15


Critical thinking multiple choice questions

Our consultant shows you how to identify arguments and logical gaps as well as giving you techniques for approaching longer questions.


Further Questions - 14.45-15.45


A chance for you to look at further examples of challenging multiple choice questions and apply the techniques you have learnt. This session will teach you how to speed up your approach to multiple choice questions, without losing accuracy.


Practice Paper

You sit a practice paper under exam conditions.

At the end of the day the practice paper will be marked and returned to you with feedback within 10 days.

Our Practice Papers


We have two TSA Cambridge practice papers. Written by our expert consultants, our practice papers replicate the style, format and timing of the real examinations, giving you the chance to practise your approach to the test as well as the skills required.

Each practice paper includes a set of model answers with detailed commentary on how to crack individual questions.

Our practice papers are different to those provided at our one-day Admissions Test Seminars, giving you further opportunities to prepare in your own home and well in advance of the real examinations. Please note that if you have attended one of our in-school events, then you will have already have sat mock test I; to ensure no overlap in your preparation, it is advised that you focus on test II. 

Once ordered, each practice paper and answer set will be sent as a PDF by email. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any refund after TSA Cambridge papers have been sent.

Admissions Test Support

Every year we run one-day Admissions Test Seminars for the BMAT, ELAT, HAT, LNAT, Cambridge Law Test, TSA Oxford and TSA Cambridge.

For further information and support in your admissions test preparation this year, take a look at our free online resources for handy tips and advice. 

Which courses require the Cambridge TSA?

You may need to take the TSA Cambridge if you are applying for Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Land Economy, Natural Sciences (Biological & Physical), Psychological & Behavioural Studies and Human, Social & Political Studies. Some colleges require the TSA for other subjects, such as History, so make sure you double check!

Click here to find out whether the college you are applying to requires the TSA or give one of our team a call on 0207 499 2394 if you have any questions.

Claude the Snail

On a fast day, travelling at a comfortable snail's pace, Claude covers 60 metres in 12 hours.  On a slow day, when his shell is really weighing him down, Claude the snail will only travel 3/4 as far in 2.5 times as long.

What is Claude's average speed in metres per hour on a slow day?

a) 1

b) 1.5

c) 10.5

d) 3

e) 5

Click here for the answer.

Think you can Think? Cracking the TSA

68% of the applicants we worked with last year, recommended starting preparation for the TSA as early as possible and doing lots of practice questions. 

Start yours now, with our brand new book, which includes hundreds of practice questions & answers...  Think You can Think? Cracking the Thinking Skills Assessment.