The US Bank Tower in Los Angeles has opened up an unexpected tourist attraction – a multi-storey glass slide.

The city’s tallest tower, at 72-storeys, will be open to the public to allow them to slide from the 70th to the 69th floor, protected by a glass wall and floor, for the price of US$8 (£5.73). Those brave enough to go on the slide will land on a new observation deck, providing views of the city below.

Economics and Engineering students will be interested to know that this attraction is part of a $50 million makeover of the building’s infrastructure, to split its purposes as a bank and tourist attraction, supported by the addition of a rooftop bar.

Architecture students should consider the purpose of slides throughout history – and why the existence of slides or tunnels are at once both amusements and useful tools, or even as art in the case of the Carsten Höller exhibition.

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