A new report has discovered that when funded by beverage companies, scientific reports are less likely to find a link between sugary drinks and obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, looked at 60 studies published in the past 15 years. Of the 60, 26 found no link between sugary drinks and obesity or diabetes – all of which were funded by the beverage industry. Only one study funded by the beverage industry found a link.

Biomedical Sciences and Biological Sciences applicants should consider the influence of funding and stakeholders in shaping public health outcomes and research. The primary author of the study, Schillinger, argues that while this isn’t a new revelation, the number of studies that fit the pattern was remarkable. “This is not an opinion perspective”, he stated, arguing that it is empirical fact that there is a bias in the industry.

Psychology applicants should consider the ethics of funding bodies when it comes to conducting research, and how money can influence people’s ethical principles.

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