Success at the Oxbridge interview commonly relies on two factors: some understanding of how your subject is studied beyond A Level, and the ability to investigate unfamiliar problems that may not have conclusive answers. In fact, the latter is often the most challenging aspect of the Oxbridge interview, as it requires an independent approach, not often required in the usual methods of learning in school.

The best way to develop this ability is to learn directly from a sample of undergraduate-style study. Our Subject Taster Days are designed to develop your university-level thinking beyond the school syllabus, giving you a solid grasp of how to pursue questions in a creative, independent and confident fashion.

Subject Taster Day Testimonials

  • I thought the day was invaluably helpful- it has really given me confidence that I am on the right track with my reading before the interview, whilst showing me what I need to work on. I was thoroughly impressed with our tutor; I thought he was informative with an evident passion for the subject. I also found it refreshing for the conversation to be led by the students, whereby we could take it in the direction of our interests. 

    Ellie, PPE Taster Day.

  • Katherine thorough enjoyed the Law Taster Day. She found it stimulating and challenging. She said she particularly enjoyed the opportunity to engage in debate and to work out arguments in a group forum as she has not had much experience of that before.

    Alice, Law Taster Day.

  • I really enjoyed the strategy aspect – it was very enjoyable being able to think about business strategy, especially marketing the product. Game theory was also really interesting.

    Felix, Economics Taster Day.

  • Yes I really enjoyed the Taster Day; it was a very good insight into what the application process is like. Our tutor was able to answer my questions on why he chose Oxford which was great. I think it was very useful for the application, especially the interview questions which were good fun, it also showed me the areas of maths that I need to concentrate on.

    Francesco, Economics Taster Day.

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