100+ Oxbridge graduates on the weekend
Tutorials with graduates in your subject
Maximum group sizes of 6

Three-day residential course  in a mini-Oxbridge environment with fellow applicants
The only course to feature one-to-one time with Former Admissions Tutors
Four hours of interview practice across the weekend to allow for development

The Oxbridge Preparation Weekend is the only residential study course designed solely to prepare applicants for making an undergraduate Oxbridge application.

Over the course of three days, you will work with Oxbridge-graduate tutors in your subject to improve your ability to communicate confidently in your subject area. We help you to hone the skills which admissions tutors look for in outstanding applicants, helping you to present your best self at interview.

Taking place in the Autumn half-term, in the crucial six week window prior to the Oxbridge interviews, the Oxbridge Preparation Weekend will give you the foundation from which you can continue to hone your interview skills and admissions tests preparation.

This video was filmed in 2014, and is designed to give students a taste of what the weekend may entail.

Book your place

Bookings for this year’s residential course are now open. Please book online or contact our consultants for more information:

+44 (0)207 499 2394


Date: 27th – 29th October 2017
Arrival: 10.00 – 11.45am, 27th October – there are shuttle buses from Reading Station at 09.30 and 10.15.

Departure: 5.30pm, 29th October
Location: Wokefield Estate, Goodboys Lane, Mortimer, Reading, RG7 3AE
Price: £1895 (accommodation, food and materials are included)

Places are limited to 115.




The Weekend runs from Friday to Sunday. We expect students to arrive between 11am and 12pm on Friday, and departure on Sunday will be from 5.00pm.


Arrival from 10.00am-10.45am

There are shuttle buses from Reading Station at 09.30 and 10.15.

Talk from a former Oxbridge Admissions Tutor and parent talk

Applicants will hear from a former Admissions Tutor as to what Oxbridge interviewers will be looking for in applicants, while parents will learn the best ways to support their child’s Oxbridge application.

Admissions test tutorials and Mock Test

Attendees will have an Admissions test tutorial run by skilled admissions experts and then sit a Mock test in exam conditions. These will be marked with the students in a session focused on main improvements points students can work towards.

Lateral Thinking Project Sessions

For those applicants who are applying subjects that don’t have tests the Lateral Thinking Tutorial will teach you to think outside the box and work on Oxbridge style projects

Interview 1

This will take place with their mentor for the weekend who with be able to give them specific guidance over the course.

Formal dinner

Replicating the traditional Oxbridge style, you will experience a formal dinner with fellow applicants and tutors



Subject tutorials

Small group learning in the style of an Oxford tutorial or Cambridge supervision, led by an Oxbridge-graduate in your subject.

Communication skills session

One of the most important parts of the interview is the ability to communicate confidently in your subject. With an NLP communications expert, you will learn how to enhance your own unique communication style and present your ideas in academically confident manner.

Themed Dinner

A classic Oxbridge style dinner, replicating a ‘themed formal’, an important tradition at these Universities.

OPW Saturday


Five mock interviews

No matter how outstanding an applicant is, their first interview is unlikely to be better than their 4th, 6th or 10th attempt. To ensure you put your best foot forward in the real thing, you will be interviewed by a former Oxbridge admissions tutors, as well as receiving three subject-specific interviews (one on the Friday), a general interview, and a panel interview to give you a thorough range in the type of interview you can expect to receive

Awards Ceremony

Departure at 5.30pm

Differences for Dukes Medical Applications Students

For students applying for medical based subjects, their subject group leader will be lead by a non-Oxbridge medical tutor. Also two of their subject interviews on Sunday will be replaced with four multi mock interviews.  

WHY attend our oxbridge preparation weekend?



Our course is the only residential study-course dedicated purely to preparing students  for an Oxbridge application, through workshops, tutorials and mock interviews
We have the biggest network of Oxford and Cambridge graduates  of any organisation in the world, from which we carefully select our residential tutors – bar the Oxford and Cambridge alumni groups
A chance to truly discover what Oxbridge will be like; from the formal dinners, to the subject tutorials, to the highly academic and intellectually curious applicants you will meet

Feedback on the Oxbridge Preparation Weekend

  • I just wanted to say how helpful I found those few days. It was so inspiring and fantastic preparation. My mentor was brilliant and, while the last day of interviews was really challenging, I definitely feel better equipped to deal with the real thing. Thank you so much for such a great experience!

  • Thank you for what was firstly a great experience and secondly a very informative course. I now feel much more confident about the rest of the application process and also my chances of obtaining an offer. Whether I obtain an offer or not I feel the advice you have given has really helped my development, in both an educational and wider sense.

  • While being taught by experts provided me with important tips & information, interacting with the fellow applicants gave me a taste of student life at the university level – I gained some interesting acquaintances whom I look forward to studying with at university.

  • The interviews were challenging but surprisingly enjoyable. They have given me new confidence.

  • [The tutorials were] really interesting, covered a wide range of question types, which was very helpful in practicing structures. Holly was very interesting, friendly and encouraging and helped me to think more originally and broadly.

  • Engaging, interesting, enjoyable.

  • [My tutor] made it very easy to understand complex legal concepts by going through it in logical steps.

  • [The tutorials] were very interesting and helped with my interview. [My tutor’s] enthusiasm led me to explore new areas.

  • I particularly found the interview practice tutorial useful in helping me to decode questions and structure my answers.



Wokefield Estate
Goodboys Lane

Public transport


Wokefield Estate is closest to Mortimer rail station. From London, the quickest route is to take the Great Western Railway from London Paddington to Reading, then taking Great Western Railway to Mortimer. The Estate is a short 5-10 min taxi journey from the station, but we also provide a shuttle bus to take students from the station to the venue.


There is an abundance of parking space at the Estate, which you are welcome to use free of charge. From central London, the quickest route is the M4 to Reading, before taking exit 11 to join the A33. Follow this route to West Berkshire, where the Estate is located.




 Six mock interviews

These interviews conducted by a panel, a former admissions tutor, subject specific tutors and general tutors, and are 40 minutes long each.

 Meet former Oxbridge admissions tutors

One-to-one contact with an Oxbridge Admissions Tutor replicates the Oxbridge interview experience

 Oxbridge-style tutorials

Inspiring Oxbridge-graduate tutors in your subject push you beyond sixth-form study through undergraduate material

Mini-Oxbridge environment

Wokefield Estate is chosen to give students a feel for Oxbridge-style living

 Interview skills session

Communication session with neuro-linguistic programming expert Gwyn Day, teaching students to express themselves confidently

Admissions test support

Preparation for your Oxbridge admissions test with our test experts, including access to four mock papers

 What admissions tutors are looking for

Barry Webb – an experienced former Oxford admissions tutor – gives students insight on what Oxbridge look for in a student

 Strategic timing

Preparation is optimised for the run-up to interviews, with students having a month after the weekend to work on new skills

 Communication skills

Practise speaking confidently about your subject in small-group sessions, mirroring the tutorial and supervision systems of Oxbridge

Meet Our Consultants

Gwyn Day, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) expert

Gwyn kneeling coursesAs a Trainer in NLP, Gwyn is well-versed in written and spoken strategies that help you present yourself with maximum impact. He has written and run communication skills events at some of the top independent schools in the country (such as the Eton Management Skills Conference, Eton Careers Day, Rugby Management Skills Day, and City of London School for Girls Self Presentation), and has worked with Oxbridge Applications for over a decade to support students to demonstrate their potential at interview.


Barry Webb, former Oxbridge Admissions Tutor

Barry presentingBarry Webb is a former Admissions Tutor and Tutor in English at Oxford University. He is also a former member of the Joint Oxford & Cambridge Admissions Council and has worked with Oxbridge Applications since its inception. Barry’s decades-long tenure with Oxford University means that students get an unparalleled insight into what qualities and attributes the universities seek in applicants.