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Entrance to Oxbridge is ultimately determined by the interview. Demonstrating teachability, academic potential, and curiosity are crucial to performing well at interview. Our Interview Preparation Days help you to understand what the interviewer expects of you and how to perform best at this final hurdle.

StudentsHaven’t received an invitation to interview yet?

We understand that some students may not want to prepare themselves for the Oxbridge interview before they receive confirmation that they will be interviewed. However, this leaves students with little time to practise between their invitation and their interview and so we advise early, consistent preparation. For those who do not receive an invitation to interview and no longer wish to attend the day, we offer a full refund if you cancel your booking more than 72 hours in advance of your booked day.

WHY CHOOSE OUR interview preparation days?



We have over 1,800 Oxbridge-graduate tutors, the largest network of Oxbridge graduates outside of alumni groups – the best of which we select for our Interview Preparation Days
We are the longest-running Oxbridge admissions consultancy, with 18 years of experience and research into how students can best prepare for the Oxbridge interview. This informs the structure of the day
Students receive full written feedback, leaving them with a strategy on how to improve and refine their interview technique beyond the day, as well as advice from former Oxbridge admissions tutors

Example Oxbridge Interview Questions

Oxford Interview Questions


  • How do Jane Austen books portray social history? English, Oxford
  • How do you work out the relative mass of an element when given its isotopic proportions? Chemistry, Oxford
  • Why do we need women in Parliament? PPE, Oxford
  • Why are economists interested in education? Economics & Management, Oxford
  • Estimate the number of atoms in the sun. Physics, Oxford
  • How would you measure the length of the Thames? Geography, Oxford
  • How can you calculate the torque of a wheel? Engineering, Oxford
  • How would you measure the volume of your own blood? Medicine, Oxford
  • Which modern composers influence your composition? Music, Oxford

Cambridge Interview Questions

  • Flags-buttonsCan Dido be viewed as a tragic heroine? Classics, Cambridge
  • How long would it take for a 3000m thick ice sheet to form? Geography, Cambridge
  • Define a stationary point. Maths, Cambridge
  • How does DNA sequencing take place? Medicine, Cambridge
  • Should a thief who steals from another thief have committed theft or not? Law, Cambridge
  • Should we talk about film music in the same way we talk about Western Classical Music? Music, Cambridge
  • When does a dialect become a language? Modern Languages, Cambridge
  • What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever learned about Chinese history? Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, Cambridge
  • What is class? HSPS, Cambridge
  • Tell me about digestion in different animals. Veterinary Medicine, Cambridge

Feedback on our Interview Preparation Days

  • ‘She loved the whole Interview Preparation Day from being greeted by a warm welcome […] to emerging tired from a full-on day, but still on a high. The day, including the interview skills workshop and practical interview experience, gave she focus to identify where her weaknesses were so that she could rectify them… she came away even more determined to read and prepare more thoroughly for the upcoming interview.’

    Mother of PPE applicant for Oxford

  • I found the whole day very helpful. He enjoyed meeting the other candidates, and the workshops helped him to focus on preparing (more specifically, at school) for his interviews, and to be ready to think on his feet. It also boosted his confidence in feeling that he was actually prepared for an interview as he got positive feedback. 

    Applicant for Medicine at Oxford

  • Your interview day in November was excellent and I am recommending you to my friends! He was very nervous about the interview and your practice day really helped build confidence.

    Mother of Economics applicant for Cambridge

  • I’m especially grateful for the mock interview day I attended, which helped me to handle this many interviews. In particular, it made me realise that there was an important area of Maths which I had not covered yet and this cropped up many times over the four interviews. Thankfully, I had prepared.

    Applicant for Mathematics at Oxford

  • The Interview Preparation Day was excellent in helping me target areas I needed to improve on and be conscious of in the interview, and I gained fantastic feedback from the mock interviews I had, and made me a little less nervous about the real interview, because I now know what they are going to be like, and they weren’t as scary as I anticipated the interviews to be!

    Applicant for English at Cambridge

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