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Admissions Test Courses take place in Central London and include all of our unique practice papers with two tests marked. 

Dates: Sunday 13th October
Arrival: 11.00
Departure: 17.30
Location: Central London
Price: £295


*Full refunds given upon cancellation 72hrs in advance of the course.

Full preparation for the Cambridge Law Test

 Expert tuition

Test tuition conducted by Cambridge-graduate tutors who specialise exclusively in the Cambridge Law Test


 Track record

The course is run by experienced tutors who have a consistent record of helping students to score higher in their test


 Small groups

Cambridge Law Test classes kept small (between 5 and 25 students to a tutor) for a highly interactive and personal experience


 Sit a full mock

Full-length exam-conditions Cambridge Law Test mock sat on the day to mimic intensity of the real exam.


 Content & Timing

Learn the techniques for tackling problem questions and for structuring the longer essay-style answers.



Cambridge Law Test workbook included for time-management techniques, tackling  questions and extra practice


 Up-to-date mock papers

Original Cambridge Law Test mock papers updated regularly to reflect changes in content and difficulty


 Detailed answers

Answer packs provided detailed approaches to the problem questions and how to apply the provided legal theory to your answers



2 papers marked and returned to you in time to improve areas of weakness


Registration opens at 10.30am and the day finishes at 5.30pm. All four of our unique Cambridge Law Test mock papers and answer packs are included in the price of the course.

Cambridge Law Test Course Structure

As an introduction to the day, you will learn how your test is used in the admissions process, what the examiners are looking for and what skills you need to demonstrate in order to achieve the maximum marks. The Cambridge Law Test is taken at interview, so your results are a factor in the ultimate decision as to whether to offer you a place or not. Your Seminar Leader will explain what each question is testing, why colleges focus on specific questions and what skills and insights you need to show in your answers.

Included in the cost of the day are all three of our unique mock Cambridge Law Test papers, written by our test experts. As part of the course you will undertake two full answers, which will be marked and returned to you.


Firstly, you will analyse model questions and answers for each of the questions to identify successful ways of approaching problems. You will then go over the content and skills required to succeed in the different questions on the Cambridge Law Test to help you decide which question to choose – if it isn’t already decided for you by your college.

The Cambridge Law Test will require you to answer one of three questions: a comprehension, problem or essay question. Each question tests your logical reasoning and ability to analyse and construct arguments, so it is useful to put these skills into practice in three different ways. You will learn how to apply your existing knowledge for each question and identify the areas you need to focus on: from analysing arguments to further research to find strong examples.


We will help you develop your own test strategy; a plan as to how you can structure your time in order to gain maximum marks and develop a clearer understanding of which areas you should focus on in your preparation before you sit the Cambridge Law Test at interview. You will also cover technical areas specific to the test to improve your logic, essay structure and arguments so that you build the skills critical for performing highly in the test and avoid missing out on crucial marks.

Each of the questions requires a slightly different skill-set so your Cambridge Law Test Seminar Leader will focus on example questions to help you develop the specific planning, structure and writing techniques for each. This will ensure that you meet the marking requirements, whilst demonstrating your logical thinking and clarity of thought and expression.


You will attempt two different types of question under exam conditions. Written by our expert consultants, our practice papers replicate the style, format and timing of the real examinations, giving you the chance to practise your approach to the test as well as the skills required. Due to the nature of the Cambridge Law Test, it is critical to practice each of the three options to ensure you are familiar with where your strengths lie. However, always check that your college does not prescribe a specific option.

After the Cambridge Law Test Seminar your practice paper will be marked and returned to you with feedback within 10 working days. Our Cambridge Law Test consultants have all been trained in the requirements of the Test, and can offer you highly valuable feedback; an opportunity that you would otherwise miss.

Do I need to take the Cambridge Law Test?

Cambridge Law Test Tutor

If you are applying to Cambridge to read Law, most colleges will require you to sit the Cambridge Law Test. This test is particularly challenging as it requires you to answer just one question in one hour so you need to make a good impression quickly! It is taken when you are up for your interview.

Visit our page on which colleges require the Cambridge Law Test if you are not sure whether you will need to sit the test when you go up for interview…

The session really explained how to answer the questions and was very useful.

Cambridge Law Test Admissions Test Seminar applicant, 2013.